The Kindred Charitable Fund


The Kindred Charitable Fund is inspiring peaceful, just, and prosperous communities. Eligible congregations or charities can apply for a grant to fund projects that contribute to hunger, housing, and mental health.

Applications will be open October 1 – October 31, 2024.

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General Information

The Kindred Charitable Fund endowment is owned by Abundance Canada – charitable registration number 129253308RR0001.

  1. The Kindred Charitable Fund is an initiative of Kindred Credit Union (Kindred) that inspires peaceful, just, and prosperous communities. Funded projects must be congregation or community based and should contribute to one of the following themes: Housing, Hunger, Mental Health. Please see Eligibility Criteria to determine if your organization or project qualifies.
  2. Applications are open October 1- 31, 2024.
  3. Kindred Credit Union welcomes and encourages eligible applications from organizations who support underbanked groups, in particular: Indigenous peoples, racialized newcomers, single mothers, and persons with disabilities.
  4. The amount for any individual grant may range between $2,500 and $10,000.
  5. Applicants are limited to one application for one grant per year.
  6. Requests for sponsorships, bursaries, or advertising will not be accepted.
  7. Preference is given to:
    • Organizations that are focused on the root causes and/or systemic inequalities of identified issues.
    • Projects in start-up phase or new initiatives being developed within existing programs.
    • Consideration will also be given to organizations that require funding for operating budgets.
  8. Geographic and theme balance along with previous grants received will be taken into consideration during the awarding process.
  9. In an attempt to make this process more equitable, we are asking applicants to indicate whether their application was prepared by a designated/professional grant writer, whether internal to the organization or externally hired.
  10. All qualified applications are reviewed and decisions awarded by the Grants Committee.

Submission Requirements

  1. Submissions should include only the completed Kindred Charitable Fund Grant Application. Please do not send additional documents unless requested.
  2. The applicant will make available, upon request, any information required by the Grants Committee including annual or other reports which provide detailed information on program activities and finances.
  3.  The application deadline for 2025 grants is October 31, 2024. All successful applications will receive an email notification confirmation receipt.
  4. Grant recipients for 2025 will be notified by email or by phone by December 31, 2024. Grants will be released upon receipt of a completed Funds Request letter (provided by Kindred).
  5. All grant recipients must submit a report that details the results of the project and progress toward expected impacts within the target community. A template for the report will be sent by Kindred. Copies of any publicity and media coverage should also be included. If grant monies are not used by December 31, 2025, the organization will be required to return the funds to the Kindred Charitable Fund.
  6. Kindred reserves the right to publicize and promote grant recipients and projects. This includes names, amounts, and other project details. Grant recipients are expected to acknowledge Kindred’s contribution in all marketing materials where appropriate.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. To be eligible for grants from the Kindred Charitable Fund all applicants must be a registered charitable organization or qualified donee as defined by the Income Tax Act. The charitable number is required with the completed application. This number and the charity’s status will be confirmed with the Canada Revenue Agency as proof of registered charitable status.
  2. Grant recipients must ensure that projects are in line with at least one of Kindred’s Charitable Fund themes. We recognize that many projects may connect with more than one theme listed above, and we encourage applicants to select the option that is most directly connected to their project.
    • Housing
      The affordability of housing for first-time homebuyers, those on fixed incomes, or supporting those accessing emergency shelters or transitional housing is critical to all our communities. We work with many partners to find solutions that provide safe and healthy places to live for all.
    • Hunger
      From farms to food banks, community gardens to processors, distributors and consumers, the food systems of our communities are key to our health and well-being. We engage with many different partners to improve access and sustainability of food for the benefit of all parts of the system.
    • Mental Health
      Mental Health – including specific mental health supports and services for families, individuals and communities, etc. 

See the 2024 Kindred Charitable Fund grant recipients along with short descriptions of their projects.